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Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 225,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide. Please visit Actua at


Canada 150

Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with us.  During this week we will explore discoveries, innovations, and engineering feats made right here in Canada.

Girls UNBound

Girls UNBound is the ultimate experience for girls in grades 3-8. A jam-packed week featuring an all-girl environment and incredible hands-on activities will be the perfect opportunity for girls to shine! Participants will meet female role models who are leading the way for girls in science and engineering.

UNBelievable Science

How do musicians use physics to better their compositions? What is the best way to keep food warm? How do scientists learn about the insides of animals? Join us for a week jammed-packed with science fun of all kinds. We will be visiting several of the coolest science labs on campus, and will be learning about all of the exciting jobs that come with being a scientist! Channel your inner science and challenge yourself for a week of fun with Worlds UNBound’s UNBelievable Science!

B.Eng - Be an Engineer!

How do robots move?  How do buildings stand up?  What makes our world work?  Get your B.Eng (Be an Engineer) at Worlds UNBound’s engineering camp.  Throughout the week, campers step into the shoes of many different engineering professions and learn more about the challenging and rewarding world of engineering. Participants will learn how engineering can be used to solve everyday problems.

Codemakers: Kids Who Code

How do programmers make video game characters move? How is technology used to help people complete everyday tasks? Can technology change the way that we live? Participants will be able to see first-hand the research advances being made in technology every day and will learn about the coolest programming methods by looking at the leaders in technological advances of our time! Campers will also get a chance to help design their own imaginative technology to help make their world easier to live in!

Codemakers: Girls Who Code

Our Girls UNBound program has been so successful in the past few years that we’ve decided one week just isn’t enough! Join us for a second week of girls-only programming as we take an up-close look at the technology in our world today! We’ll be exploring the world of computer science, figuring out how our computers and other electronic devices work, and even brainstorming prototypes for our own technological inventions! Campers will have the chance to test out their coding skills, and will even be able to meet female mentors that use computer science in their careers each and every day!


Worlds UNBound is going to take over the UNB Makerspace for the week.  We will discover what this whole maker movement is about and take a hands on approach to innovation and discover new ways to create.


The votes are in and CSI: UNB is the winner.  

How do fingerprints help police to solve crimes?  How do scientists use chemistry to investigate fires? How do skeletons help us to solve mysteries? Join us at Worlds UNBound this summer as we act as mini investigators and uncover the exciting aspects of forensic science! Campers will also get the opportunity to use science to solve their own campus mystery!

Nature UNBound 

Do you love being outdoors? Have you ever wondered what stories the forest keeps? Have you ever wondered how science can be used to protect trees, water, and soils?  Join us for a jam-packed week of adventure, forestry, and environmental science. We’ll be doing exciting things like geocaching, learning survival skills, going caving, testing the health of streams, critter dipping, exploring the forest, and even visiting a Nature Preserve to learn about species at risk!  Are you ready to get outdoors and enjoy a week of nature? If you want to learn about forest and watershed science, you like adventure, or you just like to explore, this camp is for you!